Legal mentions

1. Website presentation.

According to the article 6 of the 21st of June 2004’s law #2004-575 about trust in numerical economy, users of website are aware about the intervenants’ identity in the way of realizing and pursuing :

Owner : BeGenius eSport Club – 1901 law association / SIREN 789-602-737 – 11, Costabona Street, 66680 Canohes, FRANCE.

Creator : BeGenius eSport Club

Publication Responsible: : Blandine Delaloy –

The publication responsible is a physical or moral person.

Webmaster : Grégoire Saillard –

Host : 1&1 Internet SARL – 7, place de la Gare BP 70109 57201 Sarreguemines Cedex

Credits: legal mentions have been generated and offered by Subdelirium referencement Charente

2. General conditions in using the site and its services.

Website using leads to a full acceptation of general conditions of using that are mentioned here after. Those conditions could be changed whenever, so users of website are invited to read them regularly.

This website is normally accessible whenever users want to. An interruption because of a technical maintenance could nevertheless be decided by BeGenius eSport Club. In this case they would try to communicate previously to users when those interventions will happen.

Website is regularly updating thanks to Blandine Delaloy. In the same way, legal mentions could change anytime: however, it leads the user, who was previously invited to consult it regularly, to be aware about the possibilities of those changes.

3. Description of the services.

Website has for a goal to give all the information about the whole society activity.

BeGenius eSport Club strive into furnishing information as precious as possible into the website Nevertheless, it couldn’t be responsible of omissions, inexactitudes and deficiencies in updating never mind if it comes from BeGenius eSport Club or from a partner furnishing the information.

All those information indicated on the website are given as indicative information, and may involve. In another time, every piece of information shown on could possibly been completed. They are given under reservation to be change since it was online.

4. Contract limitations of technical data.

The website uses JavaScript technology.

This Internet website could never be taken responsible of material damages in link to the using of it. And, the user of this website is engaged to access to it using recent material that has no virus and an updated and recent browser.

5. Intellectual properties and piracies.

BeGenius eSport Club is the owner of the intellectual rights of propety or have the rights of using all the elements accessible on the website, including texts, pictures, graphismes, logos, icones, sounds and softwares.

Any reproduction, représentation, change, publication, adaptation of the whole website or a part by any way is prohibited, except written text from: BeGenius eSport Club.

An unauthorized using of the website or a part of its contain would be considered as piracy and legally purshue as specified by the dispositions of L.335-2 articles and the Intellectual Propety Code.

6. Resposibility limitations.

BeGenius eSport Club could never taken as responsible of direct and indirect damages in uers’ material, when accessing to website, and resulting from a using of a material that doesn’t follow the specifications shown in 4 point, or from the appearance of a bug or an icompatibility.

BeGenius eSport Club could never be taken as responsibile from indirect damages (as loss of market or loss of a chance) after using website.

Interactives spaces (ability to ask quesions in the contact space) are allowed to users. BeGenius eSport Club allows itself to delete, without informating first, any content appearing in this space that would derogate to french applicable legislation, and mostly the dispositions about datas protection. In this case, BeGenius eSport Club allows itself too the ability to imply the users’ civil or criminal liability, mostly in case of racist, offending, slanderous, or pornographic message by the way of any support used (text, photography…).

7. Operations on personal datas.

In France, personal datas are protected by n° 78-87 law edicted on the 6th of January 1978, by n° 2004-801 law edicted on the 6th of August 2004, the L. 226-13 article of the ciminal Code et the European directive edicted on the 24th of october 1995.

When using the website, you can watch : URL of links by the way of whose user acceeded to the website, the user’s access provider, the user’s Internet protocole adresse (IP).

BeGenius eSport Club doesn’t keep users’ personal informations within it’s a necessity for services proponed by the website The user can furnish those informations knowing this point, mainly when he enters himself them. So, it’s mentionned to the user of the website if those informations are necessary or not.

In conformity whith the dispositions of the article 38 and relating the n° 78-17 law edicted on the 6th of January 1978 relative to data processing, softwares and liberties, any user get a right of access, revising and opposition to his personal datas, by the way of a written and signed demand, accompagnée d’une copie du titre d’identité avec signature du titulaire de la pièce, specifying the address where the answer can be send off.

No personal data concernig a user of the website can be publicated whithin the user’s consentment, nor exchanged nor transfered, nor given nor sold on any support to anyone. Only the hypothesis of buying back BeGenius eSport Club and rights could allow the transmission of those informations to the hypothetic buyer whom would have the same obligation of keeping and modifying datas to the user of the website

This website hadn’t be declared to the CNIL because it doesn’t collect personal datas.

Data basis are protected by the dispositions of the 1er juillet 1998 law by the way of the directive 96/9 edicted on the 11 mars 1996 relative to legal protection of data basis.

8. Hyperlinks and cookies.

The website contains many hyperlinks to others websites, implemented with the autorization of BeGenius eSport Club. However, BeGenius eSport Club can’t examine the contain of those websites so visited, and won’t undertake any consequence of this fact.

Surfing on the website could lead to cookie(s) installation on the user’s computer. A cookie is a small file that can’t allow the identification of a user, but record the informations about the browsing of a computer on a website. Those datas so collected leads to make browsing easier for a future use of the website and measure the attendance.

Unabaling the possibility of installing cookie(s) may bring the unability of accessing to some services. However, the user could configure his computer this way to anable cookies :

With Internet Explorer : tool tab (the icon that look alike a cog in the right up corner) / internet options. Click on Confidentiality and choose enable cookies and clic on Ok.

With Firefox: up the window of the browser click on Firefox button and follow Options tab. Click on privacy tab. Configure your conservations rules to: Use personal parameters for the historic. And unlock it to enable cookies.

With Safari : Clic on the up right corner of the browser (on the icon that look alike a cog). Sélect Parameters. Clic on show advanced parameter. In “Confidentiality” section, clic on contain parameters. In “Cookies” section, you can block cookies.

With Chrome : Clic on the up right corner of the browser (on the three rizontal lines). Sélect Parametrers. Clic on show advanced parameter. In “Confidentiality” section, click on preference. In “Confidentiality” tab, you can block cookies.

9. Applicable rights and legal attributions.

Any litigation with the use of the website is under French law. To this point, the exclusive legality is given to the qualified courts of Paris.

10. Main concerned laws.

N° 78-17 law edited on the 6th of January 1978, modified by n° 2004-801 law edited on the 6 of August 2004 about data processing, software and liberties.

N° 2004-575 law edited on the 21st of June 2004 for trust in numerical economy.

11. Lexicon.

User: Someone using the over named website.

Personal data: « information allowing, by any way, directly or not, the identification of the physical people to whom they are applying» (article 4 of n° 78-17 law edited on the 6 of January 1978).