Alkylone leaves the Hearthstone team

As the 2017 Hearthstone’s season is reaching to its end in a few month, Alkylone has decided to stop competitive games and therefore leave the Genius.

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Games Tours Festival Hearthstone

From October 7th to 8th, our Hearthstone players went to Tours where was held the Games Tours Festival, to play against the best french players.

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Direction Paris Games Week for the 6Cup

On Saturday 30th September was held the first qualifier tournament for the Road to Paris 6Cup’s 2nd edition, organized by ZQSD Production.

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Results of the R6S Pro League

On Thursday the 28th of September, 19h, our Rainbow Six team started Pro League Season facing the dream team Penta Sports , twice World Champion.

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beGenius to the Hearthstone Team League

On Thursday 14th September at 8 PM was held the ArmaTeam’s Hearthstone Team League and our team, the BeGeniusHS, was there. #GoGenius

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Bastossavoie to the end of the suspense

The 77th 2017 summer’s best european players of Hearthstone were against each other to get their definitive tickets for the World Championship.

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End of our adventure on H1Z1

We are sad to announce that the Genius ends today its adventure on the H1Z1: KotK scene, following a decision our players took together. Thanks for all.

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Nounico is our new Fifa player

Even if Fifa 18 new season will start soon, the genius wanted to enlarge the team with a fifth player for complete the line-up and. #beGeniusFifa

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