Diakx joins the beGenius ESC Fifa

The Genius has always wanted to highliht new talents, and this is what we do today as we are proud to introduce our new Fifa player, Moussa “Diakx” Diakité.

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KSiiX and DjuZ tell us more about Rainbow Six

Today we offer a double interview with Jason “DjuZ” Dray and Josselyn “KSiiX” Le Guilloux to discuss about the new year of competition.

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Bastossavoie leaves the Hearthstone team

Today, beGenius ESC is sad to announce that Bastien “Bastossavoie” Amblard will be leaving the Hearthstone team. Good luck for the future Bastien !

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JohnnyBambou joins beGenius ESC

The Genius has been living a movemented early 2018 with a lot of changes within the structure’s teams and tonight we announce a new Hearthstone player.

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