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Joko Wear, new equipment manufacturer

After several years with Custom Racing as partner, we decided to trust on a new equipment manufacturer, and make a refresh about our jerseys.

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Maybee sets the table and give us an interview

Today we offer to you an interview of Maybee, our Belgian Hearthstone player who speak about his participation in the DreamHack Valencia.

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Results of beGenius High Roller #4

On Monday the 25th of January happened for the fourth time beGenius’ High Roller organised thanks to our partners F-Secure and YukuHS.

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Results of beGenius High Roller #3

On Tuesday the 19th of July, beGenius and our partner F-Secure organised the third edition of High Roller. It had been casted on our chain.

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DreamHack Valencia 2016 : CSGO at the top

Dreamhack Valencia took place from the 14th of July to the 16th for CS:GO tournament. 19 teams that answered present have to fight in a BYOC.

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DreamHack Valencia 2016 : Weasel in the Top 8

Dreamhack Valencia took place from the 14th of July to the 17th and its Hearthstone tournament counted 280 players.

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Seaters send you at the ESL Benelux

The second week of July will allow us to see the national finals of the ESL in Amsterdam. For this event, Seaters permits you to assist.

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Weasel back on the DreamHack Summer

Last week-end Weasel was in the DreamHack Summer in Swenden for the Hearthstone Grand Prix. Today, Weasel come back with us.

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